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We realize:

Roof constructions

  • for housing
  • for industry
  • for farmers

Weekend homes

  • traditional
  • mobile

Wooden summer houses

  • living homes
  • energy – efficent homes
  • passive

wooden constructions

  • carports

Welcome to the website of our PARTNER Company sp. z.o.o. You will find detailed information about our activity here, including: manufacturing prefabricated roof trusses as well as producing roof structures and digitally cut trusses for CNC processing machines. Every person interested in building their house or other structure is invited to see the information about our finished wooden structures performed with a frame technology, our energy-saving, passive and zero-energy buildings. If you're looking for information about wooden lake or sea houses, see our tab regarding summer houses and mobile homes. If you're interested in minimizing the construction time, modular homes are to be considered, and if you're tired of having to snow clear your car every winter, see our offer on carports.

All of the tabs will provide you with detailed information concerning all the production stages of our structures, from planning through prefabrication to assembly. And our 25-year-long experience and thousands of executed projects in Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Germany and Switzerland make us absolutely certain that we will be able to make your dream house come true. While planning our structures, we place great importance in their functionality and in the comfort of residents. We build in a way that will fulfil their expectations. Our goal is to construct houses we would enjoy living in ourselves. .

Our mission


We want to live in clean, healthy enviroment. We want our world to be better when we pass it to our children.

One PARTNER in home building

We are PARTNER – from sketch to last details and keys


Time is money. You can have always more money, but you can not have more time. We us you count hours, instead of months, till your own, dreamed home.

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